• Training for operators: Building on your basic knowledge, we will deepen your experience and expand your knowledge with Kafka.
  • Recommended tools: We will show you tools that make everyday use of Kafka easier.
  • Theory & practice perfectly combined: 40% knowledge transfer – 60% practical exercises & application.

This 3-day training is designed for operators and DevOps engineers who want to successfully set up and run Kafka in production. In addition to the most important aspects of operation, participants will also deepen their expertise on how to monitor Kafka and how to avoid catastrophic situations. To ensure that every participant can get started immediately after the training, we focus on numerous practical examples in this course.

New tools and skills for operators

The Apache Kafka-Mission

Day 1:
Operating Kafka

Based on the fundamentals training, we will deepen our knowledge of Kafka operations and learn how to set up and operate a Kafka environment for production use.


  • Monitoring & Logging: What metrics are important and what to look for in logs?
  • Installing & running Kafka: How do we set up Kafka correctly, and how do we operate it afterwards?
  • Sizing & Configuration: Which settings are important, and how big should we scale our cluster?

Day 2:
“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

Things go wrong all the time. That’s just normal. To ensure that this “normality” doesn't have catastrophic impacts on your business, we will learn and train in a safe lab environment, how problems with Kafka can occur and how to fix them as quickly as possible.


  • Disaster Recovery & Multi-DC: What to do in case of emergency? And how do we distribute Kafka across multiple data centers?
  • Load Balancing: How do we guarantee an even load distribution?
  • Security & Networking: How do we secure our Kafka clusters, and what should we pay attention to on the network side?

Day 3:
Kafka in Production

On the third day of our training, we will discover tools making our lives easier when using Apache Kafka and ensuring a calm sleep at nighttime. Plus, this third day is all about best practices in enterprise use of Apache Kafka and about automating the operation and management of Kafka.


  • Automation & Processes: How do we make life easier for ourselves and our developers?
  • Reference architecture: What do we need for a successful use of Kafka? And what do we not need?
  • Best Practices & Conventions: What should we pay attention to early on, so we can sleep calmly later?


Online or 3 days on site + 1 team-after-call (60 min.) after 2 weeks


  • Good understanding of Kafka mandatory (e.g. from the fundamentals training).
  • Knowledge in the operation of distributed systems
  • Modern browser & Zoom client
  • Microphone + webcam
  • Video conference-compatible internet
  • Maximum 10 participants

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Michael Kreis

Raiffeisen Schweiz

Tolles Training mit vielen kleinen aber wichtigen Details auf die man sonst erst stößt, wenn man schon ein Problem hat.

Rupali Kadu

Nationwide Building Society (Banking)

Anatoly explains Kafka in an engaging way with lots of interactive examples. Attend his trainings if you are looking for real Kafka knowledge

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