• Professional assessment: Do you need an expert assessment of your current Kafka architecture?
  • Questions and answers: You often have questions about Kafka, and finding the right answers takes too much time?
  • Strategy: You have a lot planned, but you don't know where to start?

Apache Kafka is already in operation, but you want professional and specific mentoring to ensure that the big mission really reaches its goal? Then our mission support is exactly the right way to stay on track. The package includes, besides freely bookable workshops, personal mentoring by e-mail and always focuses on your individual challenges with Apache Kafka.

Individual Support

Apache Kafka Mission

& Answers

Do you have questions about Kafka? Send them to me in advance and get not only the answers, but also a customized plan of what to do.


  • Answers to your specific questions: individual and comprehensive.
  • Open discussion on your topics: let us discuss your plans together.
  • Enrichment for the entire company: even far beyond IT.


Do you need a professional assessment of your architecture? Here you get it. Including recommendations for future action, of course. (Option: combine sessions to increase the effect).


  • Configuration: Have you configured Kafka and the clients correctly?
  • Client development: What can be optimized in your software?
  • Operational issues: Let's look at your operating environment.

Strategy Sessions

Where should the journey go? How will we deal with Kafka or client updates in the future? How do we automate our deployments of tomorrow? That's what the strategy sessions are all about.


  • Expand Kafka deployment: How do you plan to deploy Kafka at scale?
  • Scale Kafka: What to do when requirements change?
  • Keeping Kafka current: How do you perform updates? What do you need to pay attention to?


Online via Zoom e.g. 12 sessions of 90 minutes each. Redeemable within one year


  • Good understanding of Kafka is mandatory (e.g. from the basic training course or the Kafka book)
  • Kafka in planning or already in use
  • Modern Browser & Zoom Client
  • Microphone + webcam
  • Video conferencing enabled internet

Note: A large part of the sessions is associated with homework! Completion of these assignments is a prerequisite for successful completion of this training.

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References & Feedback

Michael Kreis

Raiffeisen Schweiz

Tolles Training mit vielen kleinen aber wichtigen Details auf die man sonst erst stößt, wenn man schon ein Problem hat.

Rupali Kadu

Nationwide Building Society (Banking)

Anatoly explains Kafka in an engaging way with lots of interactive examples. Attend his trainings if you are looking for real Kafka knowledge

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