• Training for developers: You know Kafka and the fundamentals and want to deepen your knowledge regarding development for Apache Kafka.
  • Recommended tools: We show you tools that simplify your everyday life with Kafka.
  • Focus on practical experiences: 40% knowledge transfer – 60% practical exercises

This two-day Kafka course is for Java developers and architects who want to make the most out of Kafka. During the training you will experience and learn how to develop for Kafka in a way that enab- les you to use it successfully in your company directly afterwards. Not only will you gain necessary theoretical knowledge but also practical experience through numerous exercises.

New fuel for your development journey

The Apache Kafka-Mission

Day 1:
Starting the Development

We begin with the fundamentals of developing software for Apache Kafka and get used to the development tools. In addition to classic producers and consumers this course also provides an over- view of Kafka Streams and Kafka Connect.


  • Basic Concepts Apache Kafka. Review from the fundamentals training.
  • How do we produce and consume messages? Producer and consumer; first programming challenges with Java or Python.
  • How do we connect Apache Kafka to third party systems? Using Kafka Connect and developing our own connectors.
  • What is Kafka Streams? Introduction to the basic concepts of Kafka Streams and Stream Processing.

Day 2:
Ready for Production

Based on the knowledge of the first day we explore the requirements for successful development processes and how to support the operation of the software in production. Additionally we meet and understand numerous tools that simplify our everyday life with Kafka.


  • Delving into Kafka Streams. How do we use stateful processing and other more advanced topics to take full advantage of Kafka Streams?
  • What else should we pay attention to? More in-depth development topics.
  • Patterns & best practices. How do we make our lives easier and what tools already exist?
  • Kafka applications in production. What to watch out for and how can developers and administrators sleep soundly at night?

How and where?

Online via Zoom or 2 days on site + 1 team-after-call (60min)


  • Java development experience
  • Experience with Linux (shell, editor, file permissions)
  • Zoom client
  • Webcam & microphone
  • Video conference-compatible internet
  • Maximum of 10 participants

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References & Feedback

Michael Kreis

Raiffeisen Schweiz

Tolles Training mit vielen kleinen aber wichtigen Details auf die man sonst erst stößt, wenn man schon ein Problem hat.

Rupali Kadu

Nationwide Building Society (Banking)

Anatoly explains Kafka in an engaging way with lots of interactive examples. Attend his trainings if you are looking for real Kafka knowledge

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Passion, expertise and a slightly different approach – this is how I teach IT. My vision on the way: A better planet for all of us. Powered by innovative companies with a sustainable mindset.

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Are you ready for your Apache Kafka mission?

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